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They sit in silence under a tree by the lake. They twine their hands together, taking turns gently squeezing one another's palms.

She's warm and soft, just as the Knight remembers.

Her hair falls on his shoulder, ethereally blonde against his coarse, dark clothing.

He pulls her hand to his lips, kissing the back. Her touch is faint to his mortal mouth, no more weight than a cygnet's down feather. He kisses the same spot again to assure himself that, for now, she's still with him.

Her hand trails up and her fingers trace his jaw. He leans towards what he can feel of her, allowing her fingers to wind up in his hair. It's been too long since she's done that.

She never asks. But at some point after he's lulled to sleep, her warmth slips away from him once more.
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For those who have been following the occasional backroom post and Panfandom Sandbox, this isn't news, but I have been playing Lohengrin. Who is Lohengrin, you may ask? He's the knight, Siegfried's knight, in The Prince and the Raven.

Important Information about Lohengrin )

I am strongly considering apping Lohengrin to Milliways.

So I wanted to talk to you guys, see what you thought, see who's still active, all that good jazz. I guess read over my stuff, give some feedback. These entries are what I'd call character doodles, ideas I had in no particular chronological order that have been fleshed out a bit. I'm malleable on details. Feel free to leave comments here or hit me up via AIM (auradagamer) or email (auralie [at] gmail [dot] com) for questions, concerns, ideas, funtimes!
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