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I've only one request: Do not ask my name.

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Name:Lohengrin (The Knight)
Birthdate:Jan 13
Once upon a time...

There was a knight in shining armor who came on a boat drawn by a swan. He defended the honor of a beautiful maiden but, in return, the maiden was never to ask the knight his name. On their wedding night, the seeds of doubt were sowed and the bride asked the taboo question. Once he answered, his swan summoned him back to return to his rightful home. Left only with his ring and sword to remember him, his beloved wife fell lifeless to the ground...

Lohengrin is the trusted Knight of Siegfried, the Prince who would shatter his heart to imprison the monstrous Raven. Lohengrin believes in actions and not dangerous words. This forms the foundation of his loyalty to Siegfried, though the same honest actions put the Prince in peril. He may possess some sense but he will not hesitate if his Prince asks something of him, even if it means his doom at the claw of the Raven.

At least that has some meaning, unlike saying something foolish that makes you vanish...

Lohengrin is a character with layers of fiction. He is a character in The Prince and the Raven, which is a story in the anime Princess Tutu. On top of that, his history has been filled out with elements of the opera Lohengrin. This is sure to turn into some sticky meta mess before all is said and done.

Physically, Lohengrin looks very much like someone else, except lacking the distinctive birthmark for story-related reasons. Feel free to recognize him by mistake.

Lohengrin (The Knight) is from Princess Tutu, and is the property of Ikuko Itoh and Hal Film Maker. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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